To provide yoga classes, an ancient technology for the body, and for all people, while engaging and educating participants through holistic approach of wellness integrating both movement, eating, and somatic-based approaches.


Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Kriyas, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra are Sachin's specialties. His aim is to empower students with self-regulation, stress management, personal embodiment, and somatic awareness through simple movement and stretches.  


Yoga with Sachin can be in the form of group classes, private classes or through partnering non-for profits. Yoga classes are often done either in-person or virtually. To find out more about Sachin's ongoing yoga classes, please visit Instagram or don't hesitate to reach out and connect through our contact form! 


I'm so grateful to have had a consultation with Sachin - I'm on my way to maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship with myself - beyond just my body but also my emotions and mindset, and the ebbs and flows of life. I have been able to regulate some symptoms I was suffering from regarding sleep and anxiety problems, low energy, digestive issues, and other things due to my medical history, and I'm beginning to really be mindful of everything surrounding how I treat this vessel I'm in. Sachin is extremely knowledgeable and perceptive with his practice, and I felt so relieved and truly listened to! I hope more people continue to value Sachin and his deep respect for every individual, as well as his ability to apply Ayurveda to our lives. -Nina Rojkovskaia

I met Sachin a couple years ago at a youth workshop he was instructing at Esker Foundation Gallery. He is an incredible being! As an amazing teacher and such a positive guide, his style of teaching has been a great inspiration. I've found it helped me to be more mindful and focused. I've attended his online meditation classes which he's generously provided to his community and hope to attend many more. Sachin is wonderful and anyone given the opportunity to share a conversation or learn from him would be better for it!  -Sara Thaliya