SUNISTANAI | sunistanai | Greek:

the point where an individual’s desires and needs converge

SUNISTANAI is an artistic practice which synthesizes the ancient Indigenous principles of Ayurveda with modern healing solutions. We aim to bridge the ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda with products which offer time-tested alternatives for health, balance, and overall well being. From inception to product we carve a new paradigm and challenge the way products are perceived to capture and explore imagination. We explore and invent new ways in which SUNISTANAI products can be utilized in every aspect for convenience and for building immense personal power to elevate and empower themselves and others on their journey for vital health and radiance.

All products are handcrafted, made locally with love + care by Sachin Sudra.

Based in Alberta, Canada, Sachin Sudra is an Ayurvedic Wellness & Nutrition Educator and Certified Yoga Instructor. He teaches, empowers, and inspires people of all diversities and ages to cook Ayurvedic food for one's unique lifestyle and yoga practice. He specializes in teaching effective tools for regulation and self-healing through nutrition and wellness.

Sachin is the founder of Sunistani Ayurvedic Products & Namaste Cooking, a grassroots, community-based company that set out to educate and inspire people on the Ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda. He acts as a community advocate for preserving this ancient Indigenous knowledge through lectures and classes. He believes in returning to the kitchen as a communal gathering space for resilience through health and wellness.