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PRIMORDIA - Long Sleeve Tee

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PRIMORDIA is based on the mandala of nine interlocking triangles forming a grid used for architectural diagrams originating from ancient Vedic texts. The mandala represents that which captures the source of all transformation and vibration of the Universe activating the forces of duality available on this earth’s plane to experience new dimensions of awareness and world(s). In yoga, various Sanskrit words invoke transformation and its multifaceted capacities to change oneself and its ripple effect on others:

pariṇāma परिणाम; changing, altering, subject to transformation, developing

paryavapādya पर्यवपाद्य; effecting transformation

vināśin विनाशिन्; undergoing transformation

nirmāṇakāya निर्माणकाय; body of transformations

The PRIMORDIA tee is 100% cotton jersey and is domestically-produced and printed.

PRIMORDIA SHIRTS WILL BE PRINTED and SHIPPED BY APRIL 2023. You will be notified of your product been shipped. 

Sizes will be determined via email correspondence. We will contact you once your payment has been verified.